Autobiography - Curriculum Vitae

My name is Rudi Giacomini Pilon, I was born on Jan 27, 1967 at Portogruaro (VE - Italy) .

When I was 14 I started developing in assembler with a device named microprofessor based on Z80 processor. Some month later I've been able to buy a 'Sinclair zx Spectrum home computer' that give me the chance to learn BASIC and Pascal.
This kind of technological interest has greatly influenced my educational choices and led me to choose the closest field to Information Technology existing at the time...

So in scholastic year 1986/87 I became graduate as Industrial Electronic Designer with specialization in Computer Science at the I.T.I. "A.Malignani" in Udine.
Then I was so luky to be called to work in a little factory near home so I decided not to start university courses. I'll try now to describe my work experiences:

  • Period August 1987 - April 1988: Electronic Designer
    Waiting for the compulsory military service I collaborated, for approximately a year, with company H.T.MECTRONIC in Latisana acquiring pratical of design, development and test of electronic equipments.
  • Period March 1990 - May 1993: Electronic Designer
    In March 1990, after military service, the cited company employed me as electronic expert in production phase. After some while I assumed designer and tester rules and later I developed several software that was installed in industrial test enviroments. This job led me to an increasing passion for IT despite industrial electronic so I decided to change my life...
  • Period May 1993 - March 1996: Hardware and system technical assistance
    In DIAL Informatica in Codroipo: a Microsoft Solution Provider where near help desk I attend to network configurations and courses of MS-DOS, Windows, Excel and Visual Basic programming. During this period the experience of one year of outsourcing in Lloyd Triestino di navigazione has been very important for me.
    While this is not the only customer of this level that I serviced, staying in this company for a long while, allowed me to observe a big company working methods. Things that I had, until then, only seen externally.
  • Period April 1996 - August 1999: Hardware e system technical assistance manager
    When they offer me to became manager in assistance area I went to Infotel in Portogruaro (an IBM Best Team partner company) where I was responsible for design and installation of PC networks (both intranets and extranets). I have moreover increased my knowledge about a number of Operative Systems (eg. Windows NT, Novell Netware, OS/2 and Linux), programming languages (Assembler, Visual Basic, C and C++ )and some kind of problems related to Internet and data security. During that period, upon customer request, I continued, for two years, the outsourcing service in Lloyd Triestino.
  • Period August 1999 - November 2011: EDP senior Manager
    In august 1999 I was called to became EDP Manager at Sportarredo s.p.a. in Gruaro (VE) where I'm responsible for all EDP management In this company I completed knowledge on new O.S. and widened the number of programming languages (adding Java, PHP and others).
    Beside that I faced new themes as security, privacy, virtualization and the service level; all things that are the foundations in a modern IT infrastructure.
  • Period November 2011 - up to date: system assistance
    in november 2011 I've got from SMC the great opportunity to work as system technician in Treviso offices. Here I found a dinamic workplace full of daily opportunities and where you can rarely be bored. Customers problems offer day by day new goals and the need to be updated with current market knowledges.

Over the years,alongside the main work activity , I had the opportunity to work as a consultant or as a developer. While it can be unuseful to list the single cases I want highlight a few activities that enriched me in particular:

  • Collaboration with Pluto Journal from 2002 to 2009as a columnist. This experience was a contribution to the open source world and given me the opportunity to compare my opinions with a large number of readers.
  • Occasional collaborations with Istes in San Michele al T. (VE) for development of portions of some programs they sell. They has always been a great team to work with.
  • The development of Nyagua: a little Open Source software for the management of small Aquariums ... this is a recent contribution to the community, creating a sw that despite being very specific, has been welcome worldwide.

In the (small amount of) free time from work and the role of pater familiae I enjoy in reading, in photography and in aquascaping. Being, the latter, two activities which allows creative side to take it's chance.